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Console Commands

The framework exposes the number of commands to control the build and help in development.

To list all available console commands use the following command:

php app.php

To get help about any specific command:

php app.php help db:table


php app.php db:table -h

You can read how to create your own commands in following sections.


Spiral Console is based on Symfony/Console, it means you can use short command names as far as there is enough information to find the target command:

# can be resolved into `update`
php app.php up 

# Collides with `configure`, `cache:clean`, `cycle:*` commands.
php app.php c


Your application includes one main command configure. This command will run the sequence of operations to ensure that application is properly installed, create needed directions and verify permissions to the resources.

To run this command in verbose mode:

php app.php configure -vv

Always run configure before running a newly installed application.

Application Server

The application server (RoadRunner) includes it's own set of commands, to list all available server commands run:


You can read more about server commands here.