Spiral Framework

High-Performance PHP Framework

Born out of real-world software development projects, Spiral Framework is a modern PHP framework designed to power faster, cleaner, superior software development.
Due to its design and sophisticated application server, Spiral Framework will execute your code up to 10 times faster than Laravel or Symfony without compromising code quality or compatibility with commonly-used libraries.
Spiral Framework provides all the tools you need to write secure applications with embedded encryption, CSRF protection, cookie anti-tampering, RBAC authorization, token based authentication, validation, and more.
10+ years of R&D and design-verification at Spiral Scout has delivered a high-performing framework that already serves dozens of applications on production and drives functionality for millions of users.
Ready to Scale
Scale your application quickly with integrated tools for Queue, GRPC, Event broadcasting and more. The supporting application server includes everything you need to write horizontally-scalable applications.
PSR compatible
Framework implements most of PSR standards. Enjoy the flexibility of using tools you like without worrying about vendor lock or use Spiral components outside of the framework.
Elegant Data Mapping
Spiral Framework communicates with databases using Cycle ORM which helps to create clean domain layers and control your database schemas dynamically.
RAD and IDE-Friendly
Optimized for the best use in a modern IDE, Spiral Framework can be combined with intellectual scaffolding and prototyping to achieve rapid development without sacrificing code quality.
Unlocked Possibilities
Branch out of single stack programming and easily integrate Spiral Framework with any PHP library or extend functionality using Golang. Enhance development by combining a rich business layer with fast concurrent programming.
General Purpose and Modular
Framework does not limit your design capabilities, create MVC, CQRS, Event-Driven, CLI apps. Install only the dependencies you need.

Powerful and Flexible Full-Stack Framework

Spiral Framework was designed and built by engineers just like you who wanted a faster, more elegant way of developing smart, innovative software solutions. Spiral helps you make the best use of your time and focus on what matters most: a solid, flexible codebase written with high-quality standards.
Anton “J.D.” Titov
Spiral Framework was a game-changer for both our development team and our clients. The simplicity and power of it allowed us to rapidly train new resources on the same development practices that our senior engineers were using to build robust enterprise applications. In a nutshell, it made serious development easier without sacrificing functionality or performance.
Anton “J.D.” Titov CTO of Spiral Scout and lead author of the Spiral Framework

Companies Using Spiral Framework

Thinking Ahead

As their flagship open-source product, Spiral Framework lit a fire under the Spiral Scout team that has propelled its developers to innovate even more open-source software solutions that focus on expediting productivity and helping software engineers extend their existing applications with ease.

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