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Spiral's session implementation is based on PHP's native session with a few added extensions.

Session provides basic security mechanism using user signature and represent session data via set of isolated session sections/segments.

Initiating Session

Session cookie control is handled internally in order to unify cookie management and allow CLI based application testing.

In order to enable session support in your application add Session\Http\SessionStarter middleware into http config or route.

Session will be started on demand when data read is requested.

Session Options

Alter your session configuration using config file "session":

return [
     * Default session lifetime is 1 day.
    'lifetime' => 86400,

     * Cookie name for sessions. Used by SessionStarter middleware. Other cookies options will
     * be gathered from HttpConfig. You can combine SessionStarter with CookieManager in order
     * to protect your cookies.
    'cookie'   => env('SESSION_COOKIE', 'SID'),

     * Default handler is set to file. You can switch this values based on your environments.
     * SessionStore will be initiated on demand to prevent performance issues. Since spiral provides
     * set of widgets to with html forms over ajax sessions are mainly used to store authorization
     * data and not used to flush errors at page.
     * You can set this value to "native" to disable custom session handler and use default php
     * mechanism.
    'handler'  => env('SESSION_HANDLER', 'files'),

     * Session handler. You are able to use bind() function in handler options.
    'handlers' => [
        //Debug session handler without ability to save anything
        'null'  => [
            'class' => Handlers\NullHandler::class
        //File based session
        'files' => [
            'class'   => Handlers\FileHandler::class,
            'options' => [
                'directory' => directory('runtime') . 'sessions'

Session Handlers

You can use SessionHandlerInterface compatible adapters to make your session work with custom storage. Keep handler value null in order to native PHP session handler.

All handlers are resolved via container, feel free to define custom dependencies and config values in your implementations.