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IDE Helper

This module generate IDE help files for spiral framework components like Controllers, RequestsFilters, Records, Documents and etc.


composer require spiral/ide-helper
./spiral register spiral/ide-helper && ./spiral console:reload


./spiral ide-helper

Configuration and Terminology

The module is configured via config/modules/ide-helper.php file.

The config has 3 sections: writers, locators, scopes.

locators section includes any Locators used by the module. Locator is a class that responsible for searching classes and it's [magic] members.

writers section includes any Writers used by the modules. Writers are responsible to write the stuff collected by locators to some destination.

Both locators and writers must be represented by associated array, where the key is any human reasonable name for locator or writer and the value is class string or \Spiral\Core\Container\Autowire instance (can be obtained by bind method).

scopes section is also associated array, where the keys is any human reasonable name for the scope and the value is scope definition. Scope definition consists of number of locators and writers to execute, just check config above to understand the syntax. Each scope is executed independently.

The package includes following locators and writers:

  • BindingsLocator — find short bindings (SharedTrait)
  • ContainersLocator — find container and it's bindings
  • DocumentsLocator — find documents and it's fields
  • RecordsLocator — find records and it's fields
  • FilePerClassWriter — write every class to it's own file
  • SingleFileWriter — write everything to one file


Custom Locators

To create your own locator you must implement \Spiral\IdeHelper\Locators\LocatorInerface:

interface LocatorInterface
     * @return ClassDefinition[]
    public function locate(): array;

and then register it in configuration file.

Custom Writers

Same as custom locator but \Spiral\IdeHelper\Writers\WriterInterface interface:

interface WriterInterface
     * @param ClassDefinition[] $classes
    public function write(array $classes);

FilePerClassWriter and SingleFileWriter are using \Spiral\IdeHelper\Rendere\RendererInterface for rendering content, so if you want only to change the way files are looks like you can create your own implementation.

interface RendererInterface
     * @param ClassDefinition[] $classes
     * @return string
    public function render(array $classes): string;