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Internalization - Installation and Configuration

The spiral i18n component is based on symfony/translator package and provide compatible interfaces. The web bundle includes this extension by default.

To enable extension in alternative builds:

$ composer require spiral/translator

Activate the bootloader Spiral/Bootloader/I18nBootloader in your application.


By default, the translator component will automatically load all locale files located in app/locale/{lang} directories.

To get list of available locales:

namespace App\Controller;

use Spiral\Translator\TranslatorInterface;

class HomeController
    public function index(TranslatorInterface $translator)

To change locate use setLocale method.

It's recommend to use setLocale method inside middleware or domain core and properly reset the original locate after.

Default Configuration

The framework supplies the default configuration automatically, inside the I18nBootloader. To alter the configuration create app/config/i18n.php file:

use Symfony\Component\Translation\Dumper;
use Symfony\Component\Translation\Loader;

return [
    'locale'         => env('LOCALE', 'en'),
    'fallbackLocale' => env('LOCALE', 'en'),
    'directory'      => directory('locale'),
    'autoRegister'   => env('DEBUG', true),
    // available locale loaders (the key is extension)
    'loaders'        => [
        'php'  => Loader\PhpFileLoader::class,
        'po'   => Loader\PoFileLoader::class,
        'csv'  => Loader\CsvFileLoader::class,
        'json' => Loader\JsonFileLoader::class
    // export methods
    'dumpers'        => [
        'php'  => Dumper\PhpFileDumper::class,
        'po'   => Dumper\PoFileDumper::class,
        'csv'  => Dumper\CsvFileDumper::class,
        'json' => Dumper\JsonFileDumper::class,
    'domains'        => [
        // by default we can store all messages in one domain
        'messages' => ['*']
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