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Cycle ORM - Console Commands

Cycle ORM integration provides multiple commands for easier control. You can get help for any of the commands using

$ php app.php help cycle...

Make sure to enable Spiral\Bootloader\CommandBootloader after the cycle bootloaders to active helper commands.

Cycle Commands

To update the ORM schema without modifying the database run:

$ php app.php cycle

To update the schema and automatically modify database schema:

$ php app.php cycle:sync

Attention, do not use this command in combination with migrations.

To generate a migration file to reflect the current ORM schema:

$ php app.php cycle:migrate

Make sure to run migrate:init first.

You can also run generated migration automatically:

$ php app.php cycle:migrate -r

You can run any cycle command with -vv flag to see a list of modified tables.

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