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Spiral Framework comes with a development extension that speeds up the development of application services, controllers, middleware, and other classes via AST modification (a.k.a. it writes code for you). The extension includes IDE friendly tooltips for most common framework components and Cycle Repositories.


To install the extension:

$ composer require spiral/prototype

Make sure to add Spiral\Prototype\Bootloader\PrototypeBootloader to your App class:

class App extends Kernel
    // ...

    protected const APP = [


Attention, the extension will invoke TokenizerConfig, make sure to add it at the end of the bootload chain.

Now you can run php app.php configure to generate IDE tooltips.

Usage of Prototype Properties

To use the prototyping abilities of the framework, add Spiral\Prototype\Traits\PrototypeTrait to any of your classes. Once complete your IDE will immediately suggest you available classes and Cycle Repositories:

IDE Tooltips

You can use this suggestion directly, without need for any import:

namespace App\Controller;

use Spiral\Prototype\Traits\PrototypeTrait;

class HomeController
    use PrototypeTrait;

    public function index()
        return $this->views->render('profile', [
            'user' => $this->users->findByName('Antony')

The code will work via magic __get on the object.

Once your prototyping phase is complete, you can remove the trait and inject dependencies via:

$ php app.php prototype:inject -r

Use -r flag to remove PrototypeTrait.

The extension will modify your class into a given form:

namespace App\Controller;

use App\Database\Repository\UserRepository;
use Spiral\Views\ViewsInterface;

class HomeController
    /** @var ViewsInterface */
    private $views;

    /** @var UserRepository */
    private $users;

     * @param ViewsInterface $views
     * @param UserRepository $users
    public function __construct(ViewsInterface $views, UserRepository $users)
        $this->users = $users;
        $this->views = $views;

    public function index()
        return $this->views->render('profile', [
            'user' => $this->users->findByName('Antony')

The formatting around the injected lines will be affected.

To view all the classes which use prototyped properties without modifying them:

$ php app.php prototype:list

You can remove the spiral/prototype extension after all injects are complete.

Custom Properties

You can register any number of prototyped properties using Spiral\Prototype\Bootloader\PrototypeBootloader in your bootloader:

public function boot(PrototypeBootloader $prototype)
    $prototype->bindProperty('myService', MyService::class);

You can combine such an approach with automatic class discovery to achieve better integration of domain layer architecture into your development process.

Annotation Based

Alternatively, you can use annotations to register prototype classes and services. Use annotation Spiral\Prototype\Annotation\Prototyped in the class you want to inject:

namespace App\Service;

use Spiral\Prototype\Annotation\Prototyped;

/** @Prototyped(property="myService") */
class MyService


Make sure to run php app.php update or php app.php prototype:dump to auto-locate your service.

Available Shortcuts

There are number of component shortcuts available for your usage:

Property Component
app App\App (or class which implements Spiral\Boot\Kernel)
classLocator Spiral\Tokenizer\ClassesInterface
console Spiral\Console\Console
container Psr\Container\ContainerInterface
db Spiral\Database\DatabaseInterface
dbal Spiral\Database\DatabaseProviderInterface
encrypter Spiral\Encrypter\EncrypterInterface
env Spiral\Boot\EnvironmentInterface
files Spiral\Files\FilesInterface
guard Spiral\Security\GuardInterface
http Spiral\Http\Http
i18n Spiral\Translator\TranslatorInterface
input Spiral\Http\Request\InputManager
session Spiral\Session\SessionScope
cookies Spiral\Cookies\CookieManager
logger Psr\Log\LoggerInterface
logs Spiral\Logger\LogsInterface
memory Spiral\Boot\MemoryInterface
orm Cycle\ORM\ORMInterface
paginators Spiral\Pagination\PaginationProviderInterface
queue Spiral\Jobs\QueueInterface
request Spiral\Http\Request\InputManager
response Spiral\Http\ResponseWrapper
router Spiral\Router\RouterInterface
server Spiral\Goridge\RPC
snapshots Spiral\Snapshots\SnapshotterInterface
storage Spiral\Storage\StorageInterface
validator Spiral\Validation\ValidationInterface
views Spiral\Views\ViewsInterface
auth Spiral\Auth\AuthScope
authTokens Spiral\Auth\TokenStorageInterface
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