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Cron jobs scheduler for Spiral Framework

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This is a cron jobs scheduler that can be easily integrated with your project based on spiral framework. The idea was originally inspired by the Laravel Task Scheduling.


Make sure that your server is configured with following PHP version and extensions:

  • PHP 8.1+
  • Spiral framework 3.0+


You can install the package via composer:

composer require spiral-packages/scheduler

After package install you need to add bootloader from the package to your application.

use Spiral\Scheduler\Bootloader\SchedulerBootloader;

protected const LOAD = [
    // ...

At first you need to create config file app/config/scheduler.php



$generator = \Butschster\CronExpression\Generator::create();

return [
    'queueConnection' => env('SCHEDULER_QUEUE_CONNECTION', 'sync'),
    'cacheStorage' => env('SCHEDULER_CACHE_STORAGE', 'redis'), // for mutexes
    'timezone' => 'UTC',
    'expression' => [
        'aliases' => [
            '@everyFiveMinutes' => (string)$generator->everyFiveMinutes(),
            '@everyFifteenMinutes' => (string)$generator->everyFifteenMinutes(),

Add a cron configuration entry to our server that runs the schedule:run command every minute.

* * * * * cd /path-to-your-project && php app.php schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

If you don't have crontab or you want to run schedule via RoadRunner, you may use the schedule:work command.This command will run in the foreground and invoke the scheduler every minute until you terminate the command:

php app.php schedule:work

Or via RoadRunner

    command: "php app.php schedule:work"
    process_num: 1
    exec_timeout: 0
    remain_after_exit: true
    restart_sec: 1

Read more about RoadRunner configuration in the official documentation


Create a new bootloader, for example, SchedulerBootloader in your application

use Spiral\Boot\Bootloader\Bootloader;
use App\Scheduling\Schedule;
use Psr\Log\LoggerInterface;

final class SchedulerBootloader extends Bootloader
    public function boot(Schedule $schedule): void
        // Run command by name
        $schedule->command('ping', [''])
        // Run command by class
        $schedule->command(Command\PingCommand::class, [''])
        // Run callable command
        $schedule->call('Ping url', static function (LoggerInterface $logger, string $url) {
            $headers = @get_headers($url);
            $status = $headers && strpos($headers[0], '200');

            $logger->info(sprintf('URL: %s %s', $url, $status ? 'Exists' : 'Does not exist'));

            return $status;
        }, ['url' => ''])->everyFiveMinutes()->withoutOverlapping();

You can also register scheduler jobs via PHP attributes

use Spiral\Scheduler\Attribute\Schedule;

    expression: '@everyFiveMinutes',
    name: 'Ping url', 
    parameters: ['url' => ''],
    withoutOverlapping: true,
    runAs: 'root',
    runInBackground: true
class SimpleJob
    public function __construct(
        private LoggerInterface $logger
    )  {
    public function run(LoggerInterface $logger, string $url)
        $headers = @get_headers($url);
        $status = $headers && \strpos($headers[0], '200');

        $this->logger->info(\sprintf('URL: %s %s', $url, $status ? 'Exists' : 'Does not exist'));


composer test

If you are using spiral/testing package in your application, you can additionally use trait Spiral\Scheduler\Testing\InteractsWithSchedule in your tests cases.

class MyJobSchedulingTest extends TestCase
    use \Spiral\Scheduler\Testing\InteractsWithSchedule;

    public function testCheckIfJobRun(): void
        $scheduler = $this->runScheduler('*/15 * * * *');
        $scheduler->assertHandled(function (\Spiral\Scheduler\Job\Job $job) {
            return $job->getName() === 'My super job';


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