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Framework - Application Server

The framework application server is based on RoadRunner but includes multiple additions specific to Spiral such as Queue, Scheduler, and GRPC integrations.

Attention, you need some basic knowledge of Golang to customize the application server.

Downloading Application Server

You can download the application server directly from release page.

If your PHP includes php-cli and php-zip extensions you can also let spiral to download server automatically:

$ ./vendor/bin/rr get

Running the Server

The RoadRunner server is easy to run on the default :8080 port:

$ ./rr serve

You can observe the memory consumption of your workers in realtime and other information via

$ ./rr workers http -i

Use similar commands jobs:workers and grpc:workers to check other dispatchers.

Building Application Server

A lot of the sections in this documentation will explain how to extend your application capabilities by adding your own RoadRunner services, middleware, or data providers. It's essential to learn how to build a server on your own.

You are not required to learn Golang or build the application server by yourself, the default build will cover all of the framework features.

Install Golang

To build an application server, you need Golang 1.13+ to be installed.

Create main.go

Download default main.go file, we are going to use it later to register custom services. You can store this file in the root of your project or other location.

Initiate go modules

Go Modules is a Golang approach to manage your application dependencies, and it's very similar to the Composer. You can initiate a blank go.mod file (composer.json analog) by running the following command in the same directory as your application. B

$ go mod init {repository-name}

If you are planning to install custom extensions, make sure that {repository-name} points to the repository Golang can download, for example

Build the Server

You can build your application server by only running:

$ go build
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