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Internalization - Import and Export

It is possible to export application locale bundles into the following formats:

  • raw PHP
  • GetText PO
  • CSV
  • JSON

Export Locale

To export application locate bundles run:

$ php app.php i18n:export en ./

Export en locale into the current directory.

You should observe file messages.en.php created in this directory. To export in alternative formats:

$ php app.php i18n:export en ./ -d po

This command will export the locale into the GetText format.

Generate Locale

The framework is capable of generating locale files using static code indexation automatically. Run command i18n:index to find all declared stings.

$ php app.php i18n:index -vv

Import Locale

Import locate into the project by placing files app/locale/{lang} directory. Use GetText, PHP, or JSON formats.

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