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Framework - Application Server

The Spiral Framework uses RoadRunner as a high-powered application server.


You can download the application server directly from release page.

The best way is to use composer package spiral/roadrunner-cli. It will help you to download the server automatically:

./vendor/bin/rr get

The PHP extensions php-cli and php-zip should be enabled on your server.

Installation RoadRunner bridge

RoadRunner integrates with the framework via spiral/roadrunner-bridge package and can be installed via the Composer package manager:

composer require spiral/roadrunner-bridge

Read more about spiral/roadrunner-bridge package installation and configuration here.

Running the Server

The RoadRunner server is easy to run on the default :8080 port:

./rr serve

You can observe memory consumption of your workers in realtime and other information via

./rr workers -i

Read more about RoadRunner cli commands here

Building Application Server

A lot of the sections in this documentation will explain how to extend your application capabilities by adding your own RoadRunner plugins, middleware, or data providers.

You are not required to learn Golang or build an application server by yourself, the default build will cover all of the framework features.

You can read all the info about building an application server on the official site.