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Debug - Handling Exceptions

During the development process, it is common for errors and exceptions to arise. Debugging these exceptions can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but it is a critical aspect of the development process. The Spiral Framework offers a range of tools and techniques for debugging exceptions and identifying the underlying cause of issues.

Using Yii Error Handler

The Yii Error Handler is a bridge package for Spiral Framework that provides integration with the Yii framework's error handling mechanism. This allows developers to use the Yii error handling system within their Spiral application.


composer require spiral/yii-error-handler-bridge


After package install you need to register bootloader from the package:

protected const LOAD = [
    // ...
    // ...

The YiiErrorHandlerBootloader will register all available renderers during initialization. If you wish to register specific renderers, you can refer to the Exceptions documentation.

Built-in renderers

The bridge provides several built-in renderers for displaying errors:

  • HtmlRenderer: Renders error pages as HTML.
  • JsonRenderer: Renders error pages as JSON. This can be useful for handling errors in API requests.
  • PlainTextRenderer: Renders error pages as plain text.


The framework offers a unified approach for managing exception registration, including fatal exceptions, through the spiral/snapshots package. This feature is designed to facilitate exception registration in external monitoring solutions such as Sentry.

Custom snapshot providers can be implemented using the Spiral\Snapshots\SnapshotterInterface interface.

use Spiral\Snapshots\Snapshot;
use Spiral\Snapshots\SnapshotInterface;
use Spiral\Snapshots\SnapshotterInterface;

class MySnapshotter implements SnapshotterInterface
    public function register(\Throwable $e): SnapshotInterface
        // register exception in log, Sentry or etc

        return new Snapshot('unique-id', $e);

To enable your implementation, it is necessary to bind it to the Spiral\Snapshots\SnapshotterInterface interface.