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Cookbook - Integrate Golang service to PHP via RPC

You can extend the functionality of your application by including PHP or Golang libraries. While for the PHP library, you only need to run composer require, the Golang will require you to build your version of application server.

The fun fact, the full-text search on this website works via blevesearch integrated to the spiral app.

In this tutorial, we will show how to integrate library to the application server and write PHP SDK for your application.

Attention, this article expects that you are familiar with the Golang programming language.

RoadRunner service

Make sure to require the go module dependency first:

$ go get

Since our service doesn't need any configuration, we can locate all the code in a single file markdown/service.go:

package markdown

import (

const ID = "markdown"

// to be registered in the app server
type Service struct{}

func (s *Service) Init(rpc *rpc.Service) (bool, error) {
    if err := rpc.Register(ID, &rpcService{}); err != nil {
        return false, err

    return true, nil

// to be called via RPC
type rpcService struct{}

func (s *rpcService) Convert(input []byte, output *[]byte) error {
    *output = blackfriday.Run(input)
    return nil

Make sure to register this service in your main.go file:

rr.Container.Register(markdown.ID, &markdown.Service{})

Read more about RoadRunner services here.

Build and start your application to activate the service.


You can invoke newly created service immediately via Spiral\Goridge\RPC:

use Spiral\Goridge\RelayInterface;
use Spiral\Goridge\RPC;

// ...

public function index(RPC $rpc)
    return $rpc->call(
        RelayInterface::PAYLOAD_RAW // for []byte payloads

It is recommended to wrap direct RPC calls with proper service code:

use Spiral\Core\Container\SingletonInterface;
use Spiral\Goridge\Exceptions\ServiceException;
use Spiral\Goridge\RelayInterface;
use Spiral\Goridge\RPC;

class Blackfriday implements SingletonInterface
    private $rpc;

    public function __construct(RPC $rpc)
        $this->rpc = $rpc;

    public function convert(string $markdown): string
        try {
            return $this->rpc->call('markdown.Convert', $markdown, RelayInterface::PAYLOAD_RAW);
        } catch (ServiceException $e) {
            throw new \RuntimeException("Unable to convert markdown", $e->getCode(), $e);

And use this service in your code:

public function index(Blackfriday $bf)
    return $bf->convert(file_get_contents(''));


The selected library in this example shows double the performance of classic Read how to optimize performance even more by switching to unix sockets for RCP communications in Performance Tuning section.

Obviously, such communication method is not free. Make sure to properly balance between the socket connection speed and the complexity of computation.

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