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Console - User Commands

You can add new console commands to your application or register plugin commands using bootloaders. By default, the Console component configured to automatically find commands in the app/src directory.

To add a new symfony/console based Command, simply drop it into your application.

Command class

To create a new command, you can either extend Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command or Spiral\Console\Command which provides some syntax sugar.

use Spiral\Console\Command;

class MyCommand extends Command
    const NAME        = 'my:command';
    const DESCRIPTION = 'This is my command';

    const ATTRIBUTES = [];
    const OPTIONS    = [];

     * Perform command
    protected function perform()

Use constants NAME and DESCRIPTION to give a name to your Command. You can invoke it now using:

$ php app.php my:command 

Arguments and Options

Spiral's Command class makes it easy to define needed arguments and options:

const ARGUMENTS = [
    ['argument', InputArgument::REQUIRED, 'Argument name.']

const OPTIONS = [
    ['option', 'c', InputOption::VALUE_NONE, 'Some option.']

To get user's data via arguments and/or options, you can make use of $this->argument("argName") or $this->option("optName").

Perform method

You can put your user code into the perform method. The perform support method injection and provide $this->input and $this->output properties to work with user input.

protected function perform(MyService $service)

Helper Methods

You can use a set of helper methods available inside the Spiral\Console\Command. Given examples are intended to be called in the perform method.

To write into output:

$this->writeln("hello world");

To write into output without advancing to the new line:

$this->write("hello world");

To write formatted output without advancing to the new line:

$this->sprintf("Hello, <comment>%s</comment>", $name);

This method is compatible with the sprintf definition.

To check if current verbosity mode is higher than OutputInterface::VERBOSITY_VERBOSE:


You can freely use the dump method in console commands.

To render table:

$table = $this->table([
    'Column #1:',
    'Column #2:',

foreach ($data as $row)


To add table separator:

$table->addRow(new Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\TableSeparator());
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